Wood pressed(marachekku) groundnut (peanut) oil

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Wood pressed groundnut oil is very popular in South India, especially Tamil Nadu. This groundnut oil has many amazing benefits to offer. Right from ancient period, this is being in use, especially for cooking purposes and health care purposes.

People still follow the same traditional way of manufacturing this groundnut oil using cold press. In this process, the oil is extracted with its own original flavor. It contains its nutritional values without any loss or changes.


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Today, the mechanical processes used will not guarantee you achieving 100% original extraction of the oil. There will certainly be some loss of nutrients in this advanced process of oil extraction using machinery. The main reason for it is the generation of heat during pressing. But in case of the cold press groundnut oil manufacturing process, there is no such heat is generated and thus the nutrients present are retained.

Why should you consume Wood Pressed Groundnut oil?

The growing awareness of use of cold pressed groundnut oil itself implies, how effective this oil is.

Here are some remarkable reasons why you should use this naturally processed oil:

  • This oil can be used for deep frying and high-temperature cooking needs
  • It can give a unique flavor to the food cooked
  • The aroma of your food will attract you
  • It makes the food tastier and tempting you to consume more
  • This oil is absolutely free from cholesterol
  • It contains resveratrol, which can protect cells against cancer, Alzheimer’s and nervous system
  • Since it is rich in plant sterols, it can help reduce the chances of or risk of heart attack
  • This oil is high in vitamin
  • It contains antioxidants, which is prevent cell damages
  • This oil can improve your skin texture

Using the unrefined cold-pressed groundnut oil is recommended to be the best choice for your edible purposes. This oil can help you achieve all health benefits and keep you healthy throughout your life. Moreover, it reduces the risk of any life-threatening diseases like heart diseases, blood pressure, and more. It helps to keep your bones and bone marrow strong and healthy.

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