Wood Pressed(marachekku) Gingely-Sesame oil

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Sesame or gingelly oil is the most popular choice of millions of people around the world. This gingelly oil is especially used by people in South India not only for cooking but also for body care. This oil is majorly used for puja/worship purposes too.

The amazing health benefit of this oil is indescribable. This implies that there can be no opposing points to say about this gingelly oil. Anyone who starts using this oil will never stop. Its amazing health benefits will undeniably keep you active and happy round the clock. The moment you start using this oil in your life, you will also start realizing the good changes in your health within a few days.


Wood Pressed(marachekku) Gingely-Sesame oil | 1 Litter

In this connotation, the wood pressed gingelly oil is becoming very popular in recent days. The importance and essence of using wood pressed gingelly oil have created a good awareness among people. This, in turn, has made many people switch to this traditionally made gingelly oil from the regular refined oil.

Health Benefits of Wood Pressed Gingelly Oil:

The health benefits of cold pressed gingelly oil are unlimited. However, to describe a few, here
follow a few;

  • It can improve your skin and hair health
  • It can stimulate the bone growth and make it stronger too
  • It reduces blood pressed to a huge extent and help to retain normally
  • It increases your heart health
  • It helps to manage anxiety and depression
  • It helps to protect infant health and thus it is widely used by Tamil people for babies
    right from birth
  • It helps to boost your dental health in an amazing way
  • It can effectively prevent cancer
  • It can improve your digestion process and develop a healthy digestion system
  • It can lower inflammation

Whilst talking about the nutrients value of this cold pressed sesame oil, here follow a few highlights:

  • Rich in Vitamin E. it contains 11.8 mg of vitamin for 100g oil
  • It contains antioxidant property
  • It has high concentrated fatty acids, which include polyunsaturated
    Omega -6 fatty acids and monounsaturated Omega 9 fatty acids
  • It contains Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Calcium, Iron
  • It contains Vitamin B-6. This is essential for healthy bones

Copper helps to manage rheumatoid arthritis, calcium helps prevent osteoporosis, colon cancer, and migraine, and magnesium helps boost your respiratory health.

With these key highlights of health benefits, Oro Ants brings you the most valuable and original cold pressed gingelly oil for your edible and health care use. We present you reliable brands products, which are known for original wood pressed gingelly oil at best prices.


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