Wood pressed (Marachekku) Coconut Oil 1 Litter


Health Benefits of Coconut oil wood pressed:

This naturally processed oil has many amazing benefits to offer. Right from children to elders can use
this oil. This oil can be used for edible or cooking purposes, hair and body too. Here is a few
remarkable benefits of wood pressed coconut oil:

  • This naturally processed coconut oil has the efficiency to increase your metabolism
  • It can effectively enhance your digestion
  • It boosts the Thyroid glands and thus enable to function in an efficient way
  • It acts as the antimicrobial

Why should you use Cold Pressed coconut oil?

Here are a few reasons to favor:

  • This oil is preferably used for beauty care
  • It helps hugely in good hair growth
  • It is used in cooking healthy and tasty foods
  • It has low cholesterol content
  • It is used for medical purposes
  • It comes in its purest form without any inclusion of other ingredients



Wood pressed (Marachekku) Coconut Oil 1 Litter

Today people are becoming aware of the importance of wood pressed oil. There are varieties of
edible oils that we use in our daily use. These oils are made from natural ingredients, which are
having amazing health benefits. In this array, the coconut oil has a remarkable place.

The wood pressed coconut oil is made using the traditional methods of oil extraction. There is
absolutely no heat generated during this process. In addition to it, there is also no loss of vitamins
and protein, which make the oil valuable. If you seek to get good health benefits, then you should
certainly consider consuming only coconut oil wood pressed for all your needs.

Here are a few key features of wood pressed coconut oil:

  • Zero chemical. There are no chemicals added to this oil while manufacturing. Therefore, this
    wood pressed oil il free from Sulphur
  • This is unrefined, which means that you get in its own nature’s purest form

How is Mara Chekku coconut oil processed?

Here is the simple processing procedure to help you understand how this coconut oil manufactured
using wood press:

  • The coconuts used for wood pressing are hand-picked
  • They are dried using a special process naturally in the sun
  • After this process they are crushed in wood press, which is called Mara Chekku,
    specially made from Vagai Tree
  • This oil is then kept in sunlight for at least 2 days, therefore the sediments get

There is no doubt that this cold pressed coconut oil will help you to lead a healthy life and has the
potential to eliminate maximum diseases. Moreover, it also has the ability to prevent you from
diseases that easily affect humans with poor immun

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